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Accelerate Programme

Have you ever considered how data science could enhance the way you conduct research in your faculty? Through the Accelerate Programme the DSC helps support the costs of hiring within these roles. The programme is not only intended to facilitate knowledge exchange throughout the university, but also incentivise the integration of these roles into existing research activity.

Accelerate Programme

Matching for Data Scientists and Data Engineers

The 2022 call for proposals for the Accelerate Programme is now open.


The UvA Data Science Centre (DSC) seeks to accelerate data driven research within the University of Amsterdam. The DSC facilitates this through multiple mechanisms. One mechanism is to stimulate the hiring of data scientists and data engineers within faculties through the provision of matching funding. The matching helps support the costs of hiring a staff member in these roles for a specified period of time. The Accelerate Programme is not only intended to facilitate knowledge exchange throughout the university but also  incentivize the integration of these roles into existing research activity. You can see examples of co-financed positions on the DSC website. Note, there is a limited budget for matching and we aim to support all faculties. There will be additional calls in the future.

To apply for to the accelerate programme please fill out the following form and return as a pdf to The subject line of the email should be DSC 2022 Matching Proposal.

  • Information Session: 21 January 2022 at 11:00 – 12:00, join via Zoom
  • Questions:
  • Deadline: 25 February 2022
  • See the appendix for funding parameters

Six faculties were awarded funding via the Accelerate Programme

16 proposals across the following faculties were awarded funding to help fund a data scientist or engineer:

  • Amsterdam UMC 
  • Faculty of Law 
  • Faculty of Economics and Business 
  • Faculty of Humanities 
  • Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences 
  • Faculty of Science 

The successful proposals will now start the recruitment process. These data scientists and engineers will interact weekly at the UvA Library where the DSC is based. This will stimulate knowledge sharing to strengthen data driven research across the university.