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Prof. P.T. (Paul) Groth

Faculty of Science
Informatics Institute

Visiting address
  • Science Park 904
  • Room number: C3.253
Postal address
  • Postbus 94323
    1090 GH Amsterdam
Contact details
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  • Publications


    • RO-Crate Community, Soiland-Reyes, S., Sefton, P., Crosas, M., Castro, L. J., Coppens, F., Fernández, J. M., Garijo, D., Grüning, B., La Rosa, M., Leo, S., Ó Carragáin, E., Portier, M., Trisovic, A., Groth, P., & Goble, C. (2022). Packaging research artefacts with RO-Crate. Data Science.


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    • Daza, D., Cochez, M., & Groth, P. (2021). Inductive entity representations from text via link prediction. In The Web Conference 2021: proceedings of the World Wide Web Conference WWW 2021 : April 19-23, 2021, Ljubljana, Slovenia (pp. 798-808). Association for Computing Machinery. [details]
    • Harper, C., Cox, J., Kohler, C., Scerri, A., Daniel Jr., R., & Groth, P. (2021). SemEval-2021 Task 8: MeasEval -- Extracting Counts and Measurements and their Related Contexts. In Proceedings of the 15th International Workshop on Semantic Evaluation (SemEval-2021) (pp. 306-316). Association for Computational Linguistics.
    • Hendriks, B., Groth, P., & van Erp, M. (2021). Recognising and linking entities in old dutch text: A case study on voc notary records. In 2020 International Conference Collect and Connect: Archives and Collections in a Digital Age, COLCO 2020 (Vol. 2810, pp. 25-36). (CEUR Workshop Proceedings).
    • Koesten, L., Gregory, K., Groth, P., & Simperl, E. (2021). Talking datasets – Understanding data sensemaking behaviours. International Journal of Human-Computer Studies, 146, [102562]. [details]
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    • Nevin, J., Lees, M., & Groth, P. (2021). The non-linear impact of data handling on network diffusion models. Patterns, 2(12), [100397]. [details]
    • Shroff, N., Vandenbussche, P. Y., Moore, V., & Groth, P. (2021). Supporting ontology maintenance with contextual word embeddings and maximum mean discrepancy. In Joint 2nd International Workshop on Deep Learning Meets Ontologies and Natural Language Processing and 6th International Workshop on Explainable Sentiment Mining and Emotion Detection, DeepOntoNLP and X-SENTIMENT 2021 (Vol. 2918, pp. 11-19). (CEUR Workshop Proceedings).
    • Soiland-Reyes, S., Bayarri, G., Andrio, P., Long, R., Lowe, D., Niewielska, A., Hospital, A., & Groth, P. (Accepted/In press). Making Canonical Workflow Building Blocks interoperable across workflow languages. Data Intelligence.
    • Szarkowska, K., Moore, V., Vandenbussche, P. Y., & Groth, P. (2021). Quality assessment of knowledge graph hierarchies using KG-BERT. In 4th Workshop on Deep Learning for Knowledge Graphs, DL4KG 2021 (Vol. 3034). (CEUR Workshop Proceedings).
    • Workshops Web Conference 2021, West, R., Bhagat, S., Groth, P., Zitnik, M., Couto, F. M., Lisena, P., Meroño-Peñuela, A., Zhao, X., Fan, W., Yin, D., Tang, J., Shou, L., Gong, M., Pei, J., Geng, X., Zhou, X., Jiang, D., Ricaud, B., ... He, X. (2021). Summary of Tutorials at The Web Conference 2021. In Companion Proceedings of the Web Conference 2021 (pp. 727–733). (WWW '21). Association for Computing Machinery.
    • Zeng, W., Zhao, X., Tang, J., Lin, X., & Groth, P. (2021). Reinforcement Learning-based Collective Entity Alignment with Adaptive Features. ACM Transactions on Information Systems, 39(3), [26]. [details]
    • den Boef, J. B., Cornelisse, J., & Groth, P. (2021). GraphPOPE: Retaining structural graph information using position-aware node embeddings. In 4th Workshop on Deep Learning for Knowledge Graphs, DL4KG 2021 (Vol. 3034). (CEUR Workshop Proceedings).


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    • Groth, P., Koesten, L., Mayr, P., de Rijke, M., & Simperl, E. (2018). DATA:SEARCH'18 - Searching Data on the Web: Preface. In L. Dietz, L. Koesten, & S. Verberne (Eds.), ProfS-KG4IR-Data:Search 2018 : SIGIR 2018 Workshops: ProfS, KG4IR, and DATA:SEARCH: Joint Proceedings of the First International Workshop on Professional Search (ProfS2018); the Second Workshop on Knowledge Graphs and Semantics for Text Retrieval, Analysis, and Understanding (KG4IR); and the International Workshop on Data Search (DATA:SEARCH’18), co-located with (ACM SIGIR 2018) : Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA, July 12, 2018 (pp. 65-66). (CEUR Workshop Proceedings; Vol. 2127). CEUR-WS. [details]
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    • Symeonidou, A., Sazonau, V., & Groth, P. (2019). Transfer learning for biomedical named entity recognition with BioBert. Poster session presented at 15th International Conference on Semantic Systems, SEMPDS 2019, Karlsruhe, Germany.


    • van Noort, G. & Groth, P. (2019). Ethical MInDS: Mapping interventions for data use in squads.


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  • Ancillary activities
    • MIT Press
      Text book author
    • Morgan and Claypool Publishers
      Book series editor for the Synthesis Lectures on the Semantic Web
    • Hivemap