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On Friday 13 October, over 100 people joined us for the third Data Science Day event hosted by the University of Amsterdam Data Science Centre. The theme of this year’s event was interdisciplinary data science collaboration.
Photography Data Science Day 2023: Jaap Beyleveld

Morning workshops 

Following tradition, the day kicked off with a morning of knowledge building and hands-on workshops. From newbies to experienced data science enthusiasts, the workshops catered to all UvA researchers interested in data science.

Introduction to Computer Vision  

Workshop instructor: Niklas Muller, PhD Candidate in Computational Neuroscience 
Workshop participants received a hands-on introduction to the basics of Computer Vision, including image processing, feature detection, and deep learning for image understanding.  

The workshop content was very clear and easy to understand. It is also very inspiring because it stimulates ideas for future research. The content is also very useful for interdisciplinary research. Computer Vision workshop attendee  

A Shiny start - Build an interactive web application in R 

Workshop instructor: Dr. Joachim Goedhart, Assistant Professor, Swammerdam Institute for Life Sciences 
Workshop assistants: Dr. Johannes de Groeve, Institute for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Dynamics; Dr. Filipe Marques Teixeira, Coordinating Data Steward, Faculty of Science 

Workshop participants were taught how to build an interactive web application from scratch using R-code.  

The atmosphere and speed was very good. I learned a lot over the morning session, and had a good time generally. Shiny workshop attendee

Afternoon programme 

The public afternoon event took place at the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW). Leading experts and researchers shared what interdisciplinary collaboration looks like at the University of Amsterdam, as well as their knowledge and insights on the latest developments in the field of data science and AI. 

Prof. Marieke de Goede, Chair of the Responsible Digital Transformation collaboration theme
Philosophers, natural scientists, computer scientists, or historians will have different understandings and reflections on what is responsibility. How can we bring that together to come to a rich understanding of responsibility? Prof. dr. Marieke de Goede

One of the highlights of Data Science Day 2023 was the launch of the DSC Human Aligned Video AI Laboratory (HAVA Lab) by Principal Investigator Prof. Cees Snoek. This first of its kind research laboratory unites forces from all 7 faculties at the University of Amsterdam for an ethical and responsible approach to video AI.  

Prof. dr. Cees Snoek, Principal Investigator of the HAVA-Lab
Responsible digital transformation is needed, very urgent, and we proposed [the HAVA-Lab] because we believe it is also doable. Prof. dr. Cees Snoek

The programme concluded with a keynote presentation by Prof. Gabriele Jacobs (Erasmus University, Rotterdam) on the topic of studying AI in public safety. What might responsible artificial intelligence in the field of public safety and public surveillance look like? And how do you grapple the ethical, legal and social aspects of this question within a multi-stakeholder environment? Gabriele explored these questions together with the audience, within the context of her role as Principal Investigator of the AI-MAPS project (Artificial Intelligence in Multi-Agency Public Safety). 

Prof. Gabriele Jacobs, (Erasmus University) Principal Investigator of AI-MAPS project
We want an AI that helps us to cocreate together safer, healthier, fairer, more just society - for everybody and with the involvement of everybody. Prof. Gabriele Jacobs

Attendees continued discussions, reflected on the day's lessons learned and forged new connections during the concluding networking drinks.

We would like to thank everyone who attended the event, as well as our wonderful workshop instructors and presenters who helped make the day such a success. We hope everyone left with new insights, fresh perspectives, and valuable connections that will continue to fuel  data science at the University of Amsterdam. See you next year!

Watch the recording of the afternoon programme of Data Science Day 2023

Recording of the afternoon programme of Data Science Day 2023